Lumen Exchange whitepaper 2022


Lumen Exchange is a Layer-2 blockchain protocol built on Cosmos and will be connected to Binance Smart Chain. Thanks to IBC relayers, Lumen Exchange aims to develop various Dapps in different domains (DeFi, CeFi, NFT, DAO) accessible across all blockchains. Lumen Exchange interoperability allows investors to invest in cross-chain digital assets, mint a wide range of fiat-pegged stablecoins, explore NFT opportunities, and participate in a play-to-earn game and DAO. The network is powered by LUMEN tokens required for transactions, utility on the Lumen Exchange Dapps, and governance on the Lumen Exchange network.
  • Investment in crypto strategies and indexes
  • Access to an omni-currency stablecoin protocol
  • Various dApps on DeFi platform
  • Explore a NFT marketplace with creators
  • Engage with crypto projects and marketing/educational content creators through a community-driven DAO
  • Stake and vote on governance through a wide range of trusted validators

LumenX Ecosystem


The LumenX Network allows both new and seasoned investors to pursue a wide variety of investment opportunities in the DeFi, NFT, and cryptocurrency markets. The projects in the LumenX Ecosystem that will use the LUMEN token as fuel for operations are:

Lumen Network

Lumen Network is an air-drop competition and social networking platform for Web3 & Metaverse.
Invite your friends. You can make more Lumen with your friends.(max 2x more)
  • Android and iOS Native Application
  • Download from Apple Appstore and Google Play Store
  • You can get free Lumen air-drop every hour
  • Embedded wallet supporting BIP-39 mnemonic security
  • Send Lumen tokens via IBC Multi-Blockchain
** Important ** Save mnemonic phrase in a safe place, it cannot be reissued. It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your wallet address.
App Download Site: https://point.nextbloc.io/

LumenX Bridge

  • Swap LUMEN from different blockchains
  • Swap Cosmos and IBC based token to Solana and Binance Smart chain
  • Transaction fees paid in LUMEN
LumenX bridge allows LUMEN holders to swap LUMEN from multiple blockchains, such as Binance Smart Chain and LumenX native blockchain (IBC enabled on Cosmos). Bridges to other blockchains such as that of Solana are being developed.


future.voto is a fun and simple decentralized prediction market.
Predict whether the Hot Coins' price will rise or fall – guess correctly to win!
It's easy to take part:
  • Predict if the price of Bitcoin will be higher or lower than it was when the “LIVE” phase starts.
  • If you enter an “UP” position, and the BTCUSD “Closed Price” is higher than the “Locked Price” at the end of the 5 minute LIVE phase, you WIN! And if it’s lower, you lose.
  • If you enter a “DOWN” position, and the BTCUSD “Closed Price” is higher than the “Locked Price” at the end of the 5 minute LIVE phase, you LOSE! If it’s lower, you win.
Have fun!

LumenX Lottery

Playing the LumenX Lottery gives you a chance to win huge LUMEN prizes! It's easy, fair, and you can enter as often as you like as long as you have the LUMEN to buy a ticket.


  • Lottery ticket cost for 1 ticket: ~$5 USD in LUMEN.
  • Individual user Lottery entry limit: No overall limit, but only 100 tickets can be bought at a time.
  • Paying for one ticket will give users a random 6-digit combination with each digit being between 0-9, for e.g. “1-9-3-2-0-4”. Match numbers from the left to win prizes—the more numbers that match, the bigger the prize pool you'll share in.
  • Lottery uses Chainlink's implementation of VRF for true, secure randomness.


The LUMEN token powers the Lumen Exchage network. Lumen Exchage has its own dedicated digital asset interface known as Hubble, through which users can manage their portfolios. It is an all-in-one interface to access the LUMEN token economy. We continue to upgrade the Hubble to support increasing composability and the seamless transfer of value across chains. The interface and systems by which LUMEN can be accessed, utilized, and managed are consistently being upgraded for broader use by the community.

Token Distribution

The Lumen Exchange's initial token-based capital raise was conducted in 2022 . Below is the breakdown of the initially issued 2 billion LUMEN:
  • 4% Seed round investors
  • 6% Developers
  • 10% Private Sale & Reserve
  • 30% Management & Staff
  • 50% Token Sales & Ecosystem
The current inflation rate is 13%.
The Lumen Exchange team relocked 75% of the undistributed tokens from the team-related pools under a one-year linear vesting agreement beginning May 1st, 2022. Seed round investors vested all their LUMEN (4% of total) over the same period, with a cliff vesting at the end of the one year.


The governance structure will allow any LUMEN stakers on LumenX wallet to participate in vote proposals on the network. Stakers can vote on a proposal over a standardized period with one of two responses: Yes or No.
There are two types of proposals:
Major/Disruptive Proposal: This proposal will concern significant changes within the blockchain. Some examples of major proposals could be changes to the blockchain architecture and tokenomics. Any proposal with a 75% plus one majority of cast votes at the end of the proposal period shall be considered an accepted proposal. Minor Proposal: This proposal will concern complementary implementations on the blockchain. Any proposal with a 50% plus one majority of cast votes at the end of the proposal period shall be considered an accepted proposal. The proposals can be submitted for additional considerations related to the development of the dashboard or to adding new investment strategies and opportunities. Most of the proposals will be minor proposals.
Only the votes “YES” or “NO” will be considered in the final count.
After further discussions with stakeholders and the LUMEN community, the Lumen Exchange team will share additional details on the governance mechanism.


2022 Jan

  • Team Building
  • Mockup design

2022 Mar

  • Lumen Network Testnet open (artemis net)
  • Accelerator Meetup

2022 Apr

2022 May

  • Open the Lumen Network Mainnet to validators
  • Starting staking delegation

2022 July

  • Lucky System for the dApp - Fortune wheel spinner up to 100x
  • Issuing BEP-20 Lumen Token
  • Starting to develop a Bridge between Native Lumen and BEP-20 Lumen

2022 Aug

  • Open 2nd dApp - Future.voto Prediction Game Predict whether the Hot Coins' price will rise or fall – guess correctly to win!
  • BEP-20 Lumen IDO on the PancakeSwap

2022 3Q

  • Lumen Token Public Sales
  • Swap function between Native Lumen and BEP-20 Lumen on the dApp(Android) Yon can buy and sell your Lumen Token on the PancakeSwap

2022 4Q

  • Open 3rd dApp - LumenX Lottery Game Playing the LumenX Lottery gives you a chance to win huge LUMEN prizes
  • Explore a NFT marketplace with creators

2023 1Q

  • Multi-chain upgrade
  • Contact global major exchanges for IEO

2023 2Q

  • Open a global multi-chain swap market like PancakeSwap
  • Open a multi-chain staking service like Cosmostation
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